Schedule an appointment

Requesting an appointment may be schedule online, by phone or email.

Online: Click on the button below or at the top of the screen and complete the online information to secure an appointment and a second email will be sent confirming your appointment.

Phone: Please call or text (562) 888-4998 to request a desired appointment time. If texting, please allow up to 30 minutes for a response during business hours.

Email: Please email us at for a desired appointment time.

*If insurance coverage is requested, please complete the verification online form and we will get back to you by the end of business day or the following business day. You may visit our “INSURANCE” under the “ABOUT” tab to inquire which insurances we are in-network with.

before Treatment

Please complete the intake forms online before your appointment time. (This will be sent via email the day that you made the appointment.) It’s best to fill it out on a desktop or iPad but it may also be completed on a mobile if needed.

Please bring your insurance card, photo ID and be prepared to pay your financial responsibility, (copay, co-insurance, outstanding balance, etc.) at the time of the visit.

Please bring a list of all of your prescriptions and over the counter medications with you to your appointment.

For your first visit please arrive 5 minutes early to locate the office and to secure parking space. Once on arrival, you may have a seat in the lounge area until your appointment time.

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing which allows you to roll sleeves above your elbows & pant legs above your knees.

Please make sure to have either a snack or a light meal before your treatment. Acupuncture may cause light headedness with an empty stomach. Also, please refrain from consumption of any caffeine on the day of your treatment.  Caffeine can block the analgesic effects of acupuncture and acts as a stimulant and an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Read the article here from Acupuncture Today.

During Treatment

You will meet with your acupuncturist in a private room to review your health concerns.

First visits are typically 1.5 hrs and includes additional questions asked regarding medical history, an evaluation of your tongue and pulse and establishing a treatment plan, followed by an acupuncture treatment and or cupping.

Follow up visits are up to 1 hr and include an evaluation on the patient’s progress, followed by the necessary treatment.

During your evaluation, abdominal palpation is one of the methods that is used during your treatment.  Nagano is a Japanese style acupuncture, that is based on points selection on distal pain presentations. When areas of pain are found by palpation, pressure is applied to distal points until a point is found which make the pain disappear.  This becomes the point that is chosen for treatment, which is designed to provide instant feedback for the practitioner and the patient. This allows the practitioner to be able to assist in a more complete and lasting healing.

After the needles are placed, the practitioner may either use electric current or stimulate the needles back and forth according to the treatment required. Then the needles are usually left in place for about 15 to 20 minutes, but no longer than 45 minutes before they are removed.

You may visit our “FAQ” under the “ABOUT” tab for more questions regarding acupuncture.