I came to see Sophia for neck and lower back pain I was experiencing from surfing...I also broke my C7 about 14 years ago snowboarding, so I get random recurring neck pain from time to time. Shortly after my treatment both my neck and back felt a lot looser and less stiff. She did a great job...I also now have less random recurring neck pain and will definitely be coming back again!
— Justin O. from Yelp

I was a total newbie to acupuncture when I went to Sophia at Seal Beach Acupuncture. I was nervous, but I was also at my wits end with neck & shoulder pain, headaches, anxiety and GERD. So, I let the nervousness go and went in. After a medical interview, Sophia got right to work. She skillfully placed the needles where she knew they’d do me the most good. I felt relaxed... almost like floating. My GERD hasn’t bothered me since my first visit with Sophia. And over the next several visits, my neck and shoulder pain have improved greatly, the headaches happen less often and the anxiety has decreased. I’ve definitely noticed improvement.
She does cupping as well... hurts in the best way. I go home and sleep nicely afterwards.
I definitely recommend that you go... now... to see Sophia at Seal Beach Acupuncture. You won’t regret it... you’ll wish you’d gone sooner!
*ample free parking
*stairs or elevator
* super clean, peaceful atmosphere
— Angela A. from Yelp

After doing some research on acupuncturists in my area, I stumbled upon Seal Beach Acupuncture. Sophia is simply the best and was very helpful from the moment I contacted her. She was quick to answer any and all questions I had. She also texts (huge plus) which is something I’ve never experienced with any other acupuncturist. I’ve only seen her twice but I feel very relaxed during my entire treatment and even after, it’s like I’ve just come out of a 1 hour massage. My pain areas feel better already and I 100% recommend her :)
— Kimya P. from Yelp

Sophia Osborn is amazing. I was experiencing a back pain that started a few months ago, and she really took care of it with her gentle acupuncture treatments. Thank you, Sophia! I can’t wait to try the cupping therapy next time. I’ll be back, and I’m referring all my friends!
— June F. from Yelp

Sophia has helped me with so many health issues since I started coming to her over a year ago. I have suffered from chronic neck pain which she has helped me through cupping and acupuncture treatments. Now I have a better range of motion in my neck and less pain. I also had really bad skin issues and Sophia prescribed me some Chinese herbs and my skin has cleared up dramatically since taking them! I love coming to see Sophia, and I drive all the way from the South Bay to receive my treatments! Highly recommended!
— Erica M. from Yelp

Sophia is amazing! She is professional and truly cares about her patients. I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. I always look forward to my appointment. You will not be disappointed!
— Jessica M. from Yelp

I am so glad I found Seal Beach Acupuncture! Sophia is nothing short of amazing! She has a wonderfully calm and attentive demeanor that immediately puts you at ease. Her treatments are the best! I was looking for someone who can do cupping for back pain. She worked her magic on me and I felt immediate relief. She is an amazing acupuncturist and I would highly recommend her!!
— Christy K. from Yelp

Sophia is wonderful! I found her on Yelp because of great reviews and they were true. I’ve seen several acupuncturists in the past but was blown away about how I felt every time I see Sophia. She really cares about her patients and has a very good heart, which is very rare nowadays.
— Mary A. from Yelp

So grateful that I found Sophia! I have had back pain for some time now and have tried other options without much relief, so I decided to give cupping a chance. I went to my first appointment a few days ago, Her office is beautiful, so welcoming and relaxing. My appointment went amazing! She really took her time to go over all of my concerns and explained what to expect, it really made me feel so comfortable. She is so knowledgeable and you can see she really cares about her practice and healing. The entire treatment was very relaxing, it felt amazing and I could feel relief in my problem areas right away. My back still feels great days after, it really has given me the relief I’ve been looking for. I’m so excited for my next appointments, I will definitely be coming back often, it is so worth it!
— Chelsea C. from Yelp

I was a little nervous at first but Sophia put me at ease. I had really bad back pain when I came in and now I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend this place and looking forward to my next visit.
— Liset G. from Yelp

Sophia is wonderful! She is professional and caring. She takes her time listens and is thorough with her treatments. Acupuncture and cupping have done wonders for my stress levels. If you are looking for an acupuncturist that gives quality treatment—look no more!
— Maria R. from Yelp

Yes 5 stars (which I don’t give out easily)
I am so happy with My treatments with Sophia, She customized my treatment plan and adjusts it if needed each session. I also receive cupping from her and absolutely love the results. She is educated, calm and listens every appointment. I just started taking some herbal supplements to help with my hormonal issues and am pleased so far with how they are working.
— Kari M. from Yelp

Sophia has made a significant impact on my health and life. She is compassionate, intuitive with her craft, proactive in learning how to best serve your needs and her passion for healing truly shines through in her approach. I highly recommend her!
— Capri K. from Yelp

I saw Sophia yesterday, it was my first time having Acupuncture and Cupping. I was amazed! I have been suffering from extreme hand pain due to the type of work that I do. After Sophia inquired about my pain, she confidently told me she could help me. I have to say, I was really unsure how the results would turn out. She told me that my hand pain came from the tension came from my shoulders. She did the cupping first, it happened to be Valentine’s day, and had heart shaped cups.
(After all if you are going to have cupping, you want it to be a cute shape) she told me the darker cupping is where I had inflammation . Which brings me to the needles, I thought it would hurt, but the process was very relaxing! She kept a heat lamp on me, it was relaxing!
Let’s talk about results. This morning I woke almost pain free! I have to admit I was a sceptical. The location is inviting, clean, and pleasant. By the way she accepts many insurances. Give Seal Beach Acupuncture a try. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!
— Carrie W. from Yelp

I have been suffering from neck, shoulder and lower back pain for a very long time due my driving being a school bus driver for over 35 years. I came here for a treatment and felt a lot better every time came here. I no longer had a hard time turning my neck sideways or up and down. Sophia is very Professional and honest. She was very thorough with her consultation and explained the root cause of my discomfort. I’ve recommended her to family and friends
— Stella C. from Yelp

I found Sophia Osburn through my insurance network. She is wonderful. She spends a lot of time asking questions about your health needs and listening. After my first acupuncture treatment, I slept better than I have in years and woke up the next day feeling really good mentally and physically. I am having problems with my insurance even though she is in their network. It is on the insurance end. She has been very, very understanding, patient, and helpful in helping me sort the problem out. I look forward to further acupuncture with Sophia and I will highly recommend her to my family and friends. I actually give her a 10 star rating.
— Cindy A. from Yelp

After months of excruciating back and hip pain, accompanied by weeks of physical therapy, which did little to alleviate my condition, I finally limped into the office of Seal Beach Acupuncture in February of this year. I had never tried acupuncture before and my expectations were low but I was desperate for relief. Sophia, “my” acupuncturist, was courteous, solicitous and highly professional. She patiently explained the cumulative effects of acupuncture treatments so as not to lead me to believe that a single treatment would “cure” me. She began each subsequent session by asking about any changes in my pain threshold and which of the affected areas seemed better/worse since the last appointment and then adjusted the treatment accordingly. By week three there was definite improvement in my mobility and my pain level was less severe. I have just completed my 9th session — a new person. That’s saying a lot since I am, in reality, an “old” person. If you are contemplating acupuncture, I strongly suggest that you contact Seal Beach Acupuncture.
— Lisa R. Yelp

I’ve been coming here for almost a year now after 2 vehicle accidents. Reason being is a lot of neck and back pain and nerve damage. I try to come a few times a month as it really helps relieve my pain. Sophia is great with her sessions and makes sure she gets to every problem I throw at her. Super great super clean and very comfortable. Definitely a big fan of the cupping technique and would recommend this place any day!
— Brandon R. from Yelp

I’ve been seeing Sophia for migraine headaches and muscle pain, Ive been on various meds for migraines over the past 17 years and nothing helps or makes me feel worse! I started needles and cupping last year with Sophia and have hardly had to take an excedrin or ibuprofen which I used to take daily, since my treatments. The needles have calmed my nerves and jaw and eye tension and the cupping is amazing, she’s gentle when I’m in pain and is so kind she truly cares about her patients, I also bring my mom to her for back and shoulder pain and acid reflux she takes herbs daily and is doing very well!! Thank you Sophia, looking forward to my next treatment next week!! You’re the best
— Camille G. from Yelp
I was suffering from constant headaches an extreme neck and back pain. I’ve never had acupuncture or cupping before. I felt comfortable and even had a better understanding of what was causing my pain and how to treat it. I left feeling relaxed and a lot less tense. With the advice from Sophia I have had far less headaches.
— Amy S. from Yelp